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Taste the Tropics With This Slushie Mix! Packed With The Sweet Flavor of Fresh Coconut, You’ll Be Doing The Mamba All Night Long!
To enjoy Flavory Spoon Wine Slushies, all you need is: One 750ml bottle of your favorite wine, one equal amount of water (fill your empty wine bottle). mix thoroughly, freeze 6-8 hours, enjoy! (See detailed instructions)
Want to enjoy without the alcohol? Substitute with Ginger Ale. Use equal amounts of Ginger Ale & water. Mix thoroughly, freeze 6-8 hours, enjoy! Kids love it!
See attached thumbnail for additional recipes!

USING A BLENDER: Put ½ package of Flavory Spoon Slushie mix (¾ cup) into blender with 12 ounces (1-½ cups ) of any kind of wine. Blend until fully dissolved. Fill blender with ice until full. Blend until smooth. Makes 8 four ounce drinks.

FREEZER VERSION: Combine entire package of mix with 1 bottle of wine (750ml). Fill empty wine bottle with water and add to wine/mix. Stir until mix is fully dissolved. Freeze for 6-8 hours or more. If needed, let thaw until you can scoop out. Makes 15-16 four ounce drinks.

NON-ALCOHOLIC VERSION: Use non-alcoholic wine, ginger ale or fruit juice. (Grape, Cranberry and Pomegranate work great!) Add 4 cups of the drink of your choice and 4 cups of water to entire package. Stir until fully dissolved and freeze until you get your desired slush.


Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavorings, Beet Powder, Green Tea.

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