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Reddmen's Relishes

You’ll need some relish for that cookout you’re planning next weekend. From corn relish to chow chow (hot or mild) We’ve got you covered. Don’t forget the pickled eggs!

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Amish Smoked Pickled Eggs / 32oz Jar

Reddmen's Amish Pickled Eggs

Pickled eggs are a long time favorite. Use on sandwiches, salads, as a side or just eat out of the jar!

Reddmen’s Smoked Pickled Eggs are ​proudly ​made ​with ​the finest ingredients available, ​in ​the ​greatest ​nation ​on ​Earth, the ​USA!

Ingredients: Eggs, Vinegar, Water, Sugar, Salt, Natural Liquid Smoke, Bisulfate of Soda.


Candied Jalapenos

Reddmen's Candied Jalapenos

Sometimes known as cowboy candy, these jalapenos are a little spicy and sweet at the same time. You won’t eat just one!

Reddmen’s Candied Jalapeno’s are Made in the Greatest Nation on Earth, the USA!

Heat Level:  Medium, Sweet

Ingredients: Jalapeno Peppers (Water, Salt, Citric Acid, Acetic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate and Calcium Chloride.), sugar, water, vinegar, salt, spices.


Corn Relish

Reddmen's Corn Relish

Reddmen’s scrumptious Corn Relish is packed with delicious sweet corn! Eat as a side, mix into your homemade salsa, use in salads and so much more! And don’t worry, it’s made with just seven simple ingredients. You’ll be reaching for this jar over and over again!

Heat Level:  Mild

Reddmen’s Corn Relish is Proudly Made With the Finest Ingredients Available, in the Greatest Country on Earth, the USA!

Ingredients: Corn, onion, peppers, sugar, vinegar, salt, spices.


Southern HOT
Chow Chow

Reddmen's Amish Sweet Hot Dill Pickles

The big brother of our mild Amish chow chow. Great flavor with a punch!

Reddmen’s Amish Recipe Chow Chow is Made in the Greatest Nation on Earth, the USA!

Heat Level: Hot

Ingredients: Cabbage, water, vinegar, sugar, onion, green jalapeno peppers, red peppers, salt, turmeric, spices.


Southern MILD
Chow Chow

Reddmen's Amish Chow Chow Mild

This is a classic Amish recipe chow chow that will amaze you! Eat as a side, with mashed potatoes, on sandwiches, burgers and more!

Reddmen’s Amish recipe Chow Chow is Made in the Greatest Nation on Earth, the USA!

Heat Level: Mild

Ingredients: Cabbage, water, vinegar, sugar, onion, red peppers, green, jalapeno peppers, salt, turmeric, spices.


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